More Than a Moment

I want to say a word about Becraft Scholars, a transformative program run by Fulcrum Foundation and led by the inimitable Alana Bell.

There’s a story from Jesus’ life where he walks up a mountain with Peter, James, and John. All of a sudden, he is transfigured, he begins to shine like the sun, and the disciples see him for who he truly is. It’s a glorious moment of clarity.  

They want to stay up there, but Jesus nudges them back down the mountain. The challenge he gives the disciples is to remain faithful to that moment of clarity even as they leave it behind.

In the summer of 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, our country experienced a transfiguration moment, a brief period where we saw our systems and our neighbor in a different light. It was a national moment of clarity. 

Becraft Scholars was founded that summer with the mission of letting that moment make a permanent impact on our schools and on our Church. We wanted to make a response that lasts more than the moment.  

Because when the world moves on to the next shiny object, we want to be a people who stay faithful to what we saw in that season of transfiguration. 

By supporting Becraft Scholars, you’re showing that fidelity.